Media Detox

We’re all familiar with the saying, “If only I had more time in the day to get certain things done.” If not all, some of us think that thought everyday. I know that a lot of us have our daily responsibilities to take care of, but what about the hours in the day where we have some down time; What do we usually do to stay productive? I may be answering this for the most of us.. We usually get on Facebook, Instagram or something that’ll keep us in the loop of whats going on with the world or with others. When we realize we’ve been spending our time on the internet too much, an hour has passed or even more.

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This past week I decided to go on a short social media detox. Although I feel I could’ve gone longer, I wanted to study what being off the internet has done for me in just a short week of practicing it.

The first day of my detox, I woke up to see some notifications on my phone from some websites. Tempted to see, but I knew I had a commitment to staying off of the internet. As the day went on, the down time I had I spent reading, studying scriptures and being more social with the people around me. As the week went on, I got into the habit of waking up to reading a scripture or something to motivate me throughout the day. I was spending more quality time with others. I was able to free myself from the troubling news of the world and all of the side gossip on the internet. Ultimately, I invested so much more of my time on these things that matter most than I would admittedly spend on the internet.

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The moral of this detox, it was fulfilling and even rewarding. I realized I was less concerned with what was going on in the internet world, but more focus on my goals, relationships and on myself. I’ve come to know how necessary it is for us all to take care of ourselves mentally as best as we can. A short detox from the internet for a little while can do just that for you. Whether it be a week, month or year. Do it and do it often.

The best thing we’ve been given in our lives is our agency to choose for ourselves and for our lives. Sometimes its not always easy, but just remember what all the difference it can make by choosing to focus on continuing to better your life and yourself more than keeping up with social media. Detox yourself for awhile. Don’t live your life on or through the internet. Live your life living!

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