Finding Purpose

I celebrated my 25th birthday this weekend. Although, I’m considered half a century old now, I’m absolutely grateful to reach another year in my life.

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About a year ago, I started this blog off of a random idea to have a place to write my thoughts and goals. It didn’t take too long that I then decided to make it more than a place for myself to write in, but into a blog where others can read and get the help and inspiration they may need by what I’ve wrote. Fast forward- this has grown into something more than I could’ve planned for. I’ve developed friendships by either complete strangers or with some that I only casually speak with. I’ve been contacted and in touch with publicists/editors who want to expand on what I’ve done and potentially make it a book. It’s been a huge blessing.

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Most don’t know, but I’ve struggled with depression for some time now. I also have had some bumps in the road with my health as well. Last year was quite possibly the most trying times of my life. Ive never been in the thick of my depression or really saw it for what it is; so it was an interesting feeling and of course, extremely challenging. (I won’t drag this out) Long story short, this isn’t about focusing on my depression and how difficult things once were, but the fact that just because I have depression, does not mean I have to live in that way. I try my best knowing that I don’t have to be that illness even when I have it. -That mindset has helped in so many ways, such as feeling physically healthier.

What this blog has given me is so much hope for myself that I can do a lot of things and go through a lot of things with the comfort and love my heavenly father gives me. Writing has given me so much life! It’s given me more of a purpose to live for others, but most importantly for myself. I’ve been given and blessed with a purpose!

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So this is my lesson today- the times we feel most unworthy, lost or stuck in our lives.. Remember that God wont ever let you go through that in believing in that. There’s always light to our darkest times. The first step to do is to do the things that brings you peace and comfort, no matter how little they can be; do it. The second thing is to remember that you have purpose in this life; find what that purpose is! Lastly, don’t give up when things seem to only spiral down. It’s in those moments where sometimes, we grow tremendously and find our greatest joys. It starts with you. Don’t give up!

“Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”