What Do You Need?

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Just the other day, I had a talk with one of my best friends who’s also been an amazing mentor in my life. We talked about how to know what is something you need in your life verses something you just want in your life. She asked me how I go about differentiating the two, so I told her the same exact words that I tell myself. “Is this something I can live without or is it something that’ll help me in my life?” Now that can be used in many different ways, but you get the idea. I then gave her this example: When you’re out shopping and you see something you like, the first thing you should ask yourself is, Is this something I actually need or want? If you’re answer is need, then yes, get it! If it’s no, then don’t. Here’s another example: Do I need this person in my life, because they’re genuinely helping me better myself or is this just a person I want temporarily?Image result for friends photography

Throughout my life, I’ve had countless of “what do I do now” questions I’ve had to ask myself.  It wasn’t until a  few years ago that I started to use the want vs. need method a lot more. As I think back on some decisions, I can’t believe I had second guessed any my needs! It’s as simple as this, we know what’s best for us for the most part. In the moments that we’re unsure, we have the guidance of our family, our good friends and the guidance of our loving Heavenly Father to help us. It’s also in those moments where we realize even more that they are what we need in our lives to get through the moments where our wants become too easy of a choice.

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When you start to use the want vs. need method, you’ll start to simplify your life. Those “hard” decisions actually become easier as you understand the difference between the two. Get rid of all your temporal wants, because you need to! So next time you find yourself between decisions, simply remember this, if it’s something you need that’ll benefit your life and YOU, do it!


“You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might find, you get what you need.”