What first became a brief break, turned into a few weeks.. that turned into a few months.. then.. here I am.. half a year later…. 6 whole months later! Now finally, I’m diving all the way into writing my first book that I talked about doing 6 months earlier. I wish I had a better excuse of why that brief break turned into months of waiting.. but I don’t. I just let myself sit in the pool of self doubt way too long. I doubted every possible reason why I could write a book and convincing myself that it was such a silly idea. There were days where I would look over at all my articles I’ve wrote and think about all the time I put into them and found myself thinking, “Why did I waste my time writing these, has any of my articles even helped anyone?”-That seemed to be an “all the time feeling” and was a really difficult thing for me to get over. Image result for book photography

Fast forward 6 months later.. I was sitting on my bed and again, the negative thoughts of writing a book kicked in. What was different this time around is that in the middle of my own pity party, I actually said out loud, JEN SHUT UP AND JUST MAKE IT HAPPEN! The funny thing was that after I had said it, I reacted in probably the same manner of guilt after someone who just got done yelling at me. Later that day, I was talking to my new bishop at church and we randomly were talking about his passion in life. He’s always wanted to have his own clothing line. Turns out he finally has that coming out spring of next year! -Amazing! He added how “old” he thought he was to do what he was most passionate about and then he said something that literally took me out of the pool of self doubt I was in. He said, “It doesn’t matter how long it takes you or what you have to do, go after your passion and live your passion!”  Boom! That was what I needed to hear (aside from telling myself to shut up earlier that day) It was everything!

My passion is in my writing and even so much more than that. What I write about and why I do it, is because I know that through my writing, I can be a voice to those who need help. My passion is to give people more courage, strength and love to believe in themselves and in this life. That’s where my passion is and ultimately, passion is the driving force behind success and happiness that allows us all to live better lives.

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It doesn’t matter how long it takes or what obstacles are in front of you, What matters is that you never give up! Don’t sit in the self doubt pool and soak yourself with negative thoughts. Instead, find and feel what you’re most passionate about and GO AFTER IT! LIVE YOUR PASSION!

 “If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins”